Your Tech Becomes Tangible when Reported in the Media.

For tech startups, projecting their new solutions as real life business 'problem-solvers' is a big challenge.

Every tech start up comes to the market with its own unique business proposition and new technology approach. But for most, their “product” is an as-yet untested solution in the market, often only part of the way to commercial development, and usually requiring both significant further investment and market validation. So how can they avoid dismissal as “PowerPoint-ware”, or “brochure-ware”, and instead attract investment and/or the interest of customers and partners?

A tried and trusted method is to 'project' your solution as market 'reality' through the prism of your trade media. Good trade media titles have unique credibility in their chosen market, and are usually written and edited by acknowledged authorities in their specialized field, so their reporting carries significant weight. Such is their respect that often you will see trade editors and writers being interviewed in the mainstream media such as the BBC when a subject matter is too specialized for them. For innovative tech firms new to the market, these journalists will ask the right questions, and contextualize and articulate their innovation, and - if the pitch is good enough - publish the resulting article or feature in their media. And make no mistake - coverage in the correct media is real industry recognition for you and your firm. It should be coveted.

Certainly, this has been the case for every company I ever worked for – from Quay Financial Software’s real time data solution Slingshot, to Ci3's operational risk management system SWORD, to DecaWave’s game-changing ultra wideband indoor location revolution, to Eiratech’s uniquely accessible warehouse automation and robotics solution. All of these were revolutionary - but still theoretical - solutions to industry pinch points before ever they were fully developed saleable products with reference customers. But they became living, breathing products on the pages of acknowledged industry titles like Banking Technology, EETimes and Logistics Manager. And this made them “real” for investors, customers, skills pool, and industry analysts alike.

It is also worth remembering the importance accorded to trade magazines to C-Level execs in their purchase decision and research – for many, their product search starts with news articles in credible trade papers, even ahead of referrals form colleagues - or even their boss. Trade publications carry that level of clout.

These are the compelling reasons why every new tech firm should focus on communicating with their trade media from the earliest opportunity. Once you have a story to tell and a milestone to communicate, you should research your influential media and get in touch – whether by judicious press release, or through features and opinion pieces. You may not even make publication at the first time of asking, but you will make the contact, and lay down a marker and give good background for possible future publication. No press contact is ever 'wasted'.

Resulting coverage will crystallize your solution in an industry context in an authoritative publication or web, and add immeasurably to the quality of your pitch collateral. Your web presence and searchability will also begin to grow, and in the right - credible - way. Not for nothing did Bill Gates famously say “If I was down to my last dollar I would spend it on PR”.

For help with your PR, please contact Dave Rusk to arrange a call.

(Pic: Orange Tip "Barr Buí", Dublin)

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