For C-Levels, Media Coverage Retains Main Purchaser Influence

With sales conferences, trade shows and customer visits and demos put on hold, trade press and e-newsletters continue to push out industry news, so forward thinking tech firms should quickly refocus their marcom effort on press and PR tactics to drive and maintain interest and lead generation for their firms in the hiatus and beyond.

It’s worth bearing in mind just how influential media coverage can be in the sales process. Survey after survey confirms that decision makers and purchasers of IT services and products place strong faith in reputable media. According to a survey by Quartz Insights, the global business news site, “business purchase decisions are actually driven by spheres of influence—not just individuals. Executives are powerful, but there’s a sphere of influence around them—the sources informing key decision makers who use search engines, rely on reviews, or ask people they know”. And the most common way surveyed executives hear about products or services not previously purchased is ‘news articles’ – ahead of word of mouth from someone in their industry, colleagues, direct reports, and even their boss. It ranks over twice as strongly as social media.

According to the same survey, the purchase decision overwhelmingly begins with Search. And as we know (“Why PR is so good for your SEO”), your firm’s search rankings are immeasurably aided by a consistent stream of news stories. And carefully managed news releases will make sure that your search results will reflect well on your firm and products.

So how do we put our firm and products in front of our prospects? Clearly, PR and media should always have a role to play, but all the more so now, as other sales and marketing techniques are off limits. Clearly though, at any time credible industry news sources have a key role to play, so choose your press list carefully, and make sure your pitch is well targeted. This is an approach that worked well for firms like Decawave (who were recently bought for $400M), and will also work well for you.

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