A Clear Vertical Focus Avoids Wasted PR Effort.

The internet is a boon for marketers: an instant route direct to billions of consumers all over the world.

But for most tech, this offers access to markets they have no interest in reaching. Most tech firms have a very defined market. For them, coverage in the New York Times or Forbes say, might lead to a sudden and short-lived spike in interest, tailing off after 2 or 3 days. Maybe a couple of tyre kicker calls. Some collateral: ‘featured in the New York Times’. And after that, nothing. After all, how many readers of those august journals are really in the market for warehouse robotics systems, or UWB indoor location chips, or bioactive peptides, or advanced natural language processing? Not many. And for those that are, this is not where they get their market information.

This is why featuring in vertical media is so crucial to SME tech firms: it allows them to reach out to their own defined market to tell their story in an in-depth and meaningful way: their technology and their firm told in educated terms for an audience that understands the nuances. It reaches your defined audience, and featuring in your vertical media also builds credibility, industry recognition and leadership, all of which can be repurposed as authentic collateral for social, email and other marketing drives.

Obviously, there will be occasions - funding, deals, important new hires etc., - when you will want to communicate with the wider world (skills pool, investors, government agencies etc.) through more general business or tech media. But for the most part, real credibility and authenticity is built in the work you achieve in your vertical(s). A digital footprint comprising your story told in industry terms in recognised industry publications confers credibility which is impossible to mimic or recreate through any other ‘content’ or ‘inbound’ technique. It’s your story told by a credible third party.

A good PR will work with you to identify your key vertical media, and fashion your story to meet their needs – and then communicate it to them for you! The end result: coverage in your vertical media, whose value should not be underestimated: in a very crowded digital marketplace, it remains on par with word of mouth among tech purchase decision-making C-level executives as one of the strongest influences on their purchase decision.

Worth thinking about. A clear vertical focus avoids a lot of wasted PR effort.

(Pic: Goldfinch in Lavender)

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