Don’t Rely on Email and Social Engagement for Inbound

So, you’ve followed all the content and inbound rules, used all the tools and created attractive engaging content: buyer persona explored? check; compelling content? check; infographics? check; carefully crafted headline? check - it’s time to send it out into the marketplace.

According to the US Content Marketing Institute in their B2B Report for 2017 the principal channels for distributing content are: email (at 93%) and social (LinkedIn at 89%, followed by Twitter 77% and so on down the line). Let’s publish!

So far so good. Until you look at what this actually means in terms of real engagement by your audience. If we take a look at the Smart Insights 2017 Email Marketing Report, based on a sample of 1.5 billion emails sent by SMBs in the UK during 2016, we see that under a quarter of digital marketing emails are even opened, with a ‘click through’ rate of just 4.19%.

Meantime – less scientifically, but indicative nonetheless – a colleague recently shared with me the results of a LinkedIn ‘sponsored campaign’ his firm had undertaken towards the end of 2017, showing an engagement rate of just 0.42%. This compared to an engagement of 2.09% among his firm's own followers (ie unassisted by LinkedIn marketing), though admittedly ‘impressions’ had increased in the sponsored campaign.

So, what to do? The answer is to not rely solely on these activities to deliver inbound visits to your website. We already know that the top source of trusted information for buyers of business software outside of existing customers’ word of mouth/references is the media. Equally, many of the slideshare presentations can be repurposed for feature articles. Remember your trade media is interested in hearing from you, and that any coverage makes for compelling third party collateral as well as great links back to your site.

Most of all, remember that PR is a process, and that the everyday activities and milestones of your tech firm forms the basis of a credible and compelling PR programme. One that will achieve real results.

(Pic: Winter Primrose)

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