PR Can Make Your Content King

Only good PR can make your b2b tech content king. Here’s why.

I recently read (on a content website) that the “pillars of content marketing consist of valuable content on owned media platforms (like your website), in depth understanding of brand personas, and valuable experiences in the real world.” All of which is true, notwithstanding the vague nature of some of those ‘pillars’. Unfortunately, the part this writer left out is that publishing on ‘owned media platforms (like your website)’ is unlikely to put you in front of your audience, unless they either actively seek it out or happen to chance by – and even with all the SEO in the world, both of these remain only a remote possibility.

So, what to do? PR, that’s what. Unlike newer marketing concepts like ‘content’ and ‘inbound’, PR not only develops content and devises the publishing tools to present it, it also works with you to identify your audience and then to proactively deliver your story to them. Thus, valuable and hard worked content - like press releases, case studies and white papers - will not be left to moulder unread on your website, but will be actively pushed out to your pre-determined influencers and audiences, and then followed up upon as required. No more of the hopeful ‘if you build it, they will come’ philosophy that underpins content and inbound marketing in other words, but an active campaign to get that story out to your market.

How do we do this? By taking the time and care to profile and understand your audience personas: who they are and where they get their information. We know from a recent survey from Hubspot that the top source of trusted information for buyers of business software outside of existing customers’ word of mouth/references is the media. And directly beside “media articles” comes “vendor authored materials” (also 39%) and “analyst reports” (at 33%). So these are the avenues a good PR will seek to explore for their client.

In an increasingly competitive world where writers are constantly up against deadlines in a 24 hour news cycle it is highly unlikely that hard pressed trade media and industry analysts will have the time to browse your website in search of your news or approach you unbidden. That very rarely happens.

No matter how good your content is, the real job remains getting it to your audience. Those are the ‘hard yards’, and that’s what PR delivers.

Happy Christmas.

(Pic: "The holly bears a berry...")

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