Why PR’s Basic Principles Work Just Fine in 2017.

I often come across articles proclaiming the “death” of PR, or that “news releases are boring” or that “PR is no longer relevant” in today’s media environment.

Certainly, the advance of technology and the changes in the media environment have required the PR function to respond accordingly. But that doesn’t mean that it is in any way ‘dead’. In fact, adapting the principles that have guided good PR practice, and applying them to the new media and marketing environment continues to pay the richest dividends. Because PR is not press releases, or trade shows or opinion pieces, though these are all valuable PR tools. No. PR is the art of shaping your message, and getting it in front of your chosen audience through your chosen credible channels.

The idea of tech PR is to attract visitors to your web and eyes and minds to your technology and products. This requires third party involvement, and identifying who and where those third parties are – journalists, analysts, industry commentators – and what leverage they will bring is really what tech PR is all about.

So what about ‘social’? Again, the same principles continue to apply: your story still has to be shaped and pitched as compelling and newsworthy for tech publications and others to run them as features or opinion pieces or news stories – and when they do, they will usually appear as a ‘tweet’, and on Facebook and other social media as well. And the individuals follow these publications on social media are likely to be the very people you wish to get in front of.

Thus, whether it’s called ‘inbound’ or ‘content creation’ or just plain old ‘PR’, the principle remains the same – to get your message out via a credible industry source to your prospective customer base. It’s just the networks that govern the way the media disseminate their news that have changed.

PR’s basic principles continue to work just fine in 2017.

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