Anything is Possible in 2017.

With 2017 just a matter of weeks away, it’s worth considering how such a simple tool as PR can help your tech firm achieve its goals in the New Year. It is simply a matter of determination.

Because if you stop to think about it, most of the work is already done. Most tech firms’ media is predefined according to what vertical you operate in, and you yourself will already know what the important media outlets are for you, your product and your company - mostly by simply examining your own reading habits. And if you’re in any doubt, there’s always your competitors and their products – a simple check on the press page of their website will offer up all sorts of potential.

The subject matter for your PR in 2017 is also predefined – by the company milestones which you and your team will achieve during the next year. A new product, or version? Fundraising? An award of some sort? An industry figure joining your board of directors or advisory board? A trade show? Some, or all, of these things will happen within your tech company during 2017 anyway, whether you have the PR resources and savvy in place to make the most from them or not. Not making use of them is a lost opportunity to communicate with your customers and market influencers. And they don’t come around that often, maybe three or four a year?

In my previous blog, I outlined the 4 key elements you should put in place:

  • Put someone with PR savvy in charge at your end;

  • Keep your focus tight;

  • Have good pics to hand;

  • Plan and review on a quarterly basis.

All of the elements of a successful PR campaign already exist within every tech start up. It is simply a matter putting those elements together, and then getting it out there. By implementing a PR campaign - using everyday company activity, and content that for the most part already exists - over the next 12 months, you, your company and your products can begin to successfully build your name and your reputation for industry excellence and thought leadership in your important markets. It is simply a matter of determination.

Anything is possible in 2017. Happy Christmas!

(Pic: "The holly bears a berry...")

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