Always Preach to the Converted

A lot of PR is about finding the right people to talk to. This is definitely true for the tech PR sector where I operate, where most technology is created with a fairly specific vertical market in mind.

PR people like me are all for ‘verticals’, because most are served by a dedicated media sector, and that makes addressing our clients’ audience with product related news all the more straightforward. Certainly, framing messages, pushing USPs and all that good stuff, etc., has to be done too, but at least we are favoured with having a media platform that faces directly at our clients’ market.

Simply put, it means that your marcom effort can be focussed at a qualified audience, and can deal with your solution in good detail, without worrying whether the audience ‘gets it’. (Of course they will - realistically is anyone without a professional interest going to pick up a copy of “Banking Technology” or “Warehouse & Logistics News”? No offence to those fine publications, but I doubt it.) Before you send the release though, try to make sure you get the right writer – some journalists and editors can be notoriously prickly if contacted about something outside their ‘beat’, so research and familiarisation are always required. Read their stuff.

This approach is equally true for your ‘corporate’ messages. In Ireland, these are of interest to tech and business writers in our biggest newspapers who follow the Irish technology sector closely, and a growing online Irish tech news sector. Even if your primary market isn’t in Ireland, the Irish media offers an opportunity to address your peers, your own employees, skills pool, funding bodies and individuals, not to mention creating valuable third party collateral for your website which will add depth and perspective to your company’s story. And let’s face it, it’s always nice to get some recognition at home – and your employees’ mothers will be delighted.

For both product and corporate announcements, hitting the right target is worth the effort – firstly, the writer will be knowledgeable and receptive, and will understand where your story fits; and secondly, among the people who read their articles are potentially the people you want to address – whether they are future customers researching the market, or future employees, funders or investors.

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