PR No Brainer: Build Your Own In-House Media List

As a tech pr, it always surprises me how very few Irish companies, including start-ups and larger SMEs, have built their own in-house media list. This list is made up of a select group of journalists and writers with a specific interest in your industry and/or firm who will receive all your media releases as a matter of course. Every start up and SME tech company should have such a list, and should keep it current.

Most technology companies are specific about the vertical they operate in, and most ceos inform themselves through their own favourite industry journalists, blogs etc. In Ireland, there are also a fairly limited number of media outlets and journalists who cover the tech business space, and most ceos will also look at the tech pages in the national newspapers, the Sundays, or the bigger online tech media outlets, and listen to the radio in the car on the way to work every morning.

There you have it. The trick is to examine your own reading, viewing and listening habits, and turn them into your own in-house media list. As a pr for tech companies, the first people I ask about what where they want to appear is always the company themselves. Then I ask them what they read.

The other source of good information I always look for is a firm's leading competitors: companies will always have good third party media collateral - like reviews and features etc. - on the 'News' section of their websites, so make good use of it and raid it for pointers. Remember: if you are competing in the market, you are also competing in the media - and where they are being mentioned - we want that too!

This list will be a valuable outlet for your company news: the contacts you glean from this exercise are the people who will be most interested in your story. In my experience they are also the most receptive.

Remember, the closer their area of interest is to your story, the less of a hard sell it is likely to be for you.

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