Are You Press Release Ready?

So, you have your big announcement coming up – a new customer win perhaps, a new round of funding maybe, or a big new product launch. Let’s get it out there!

Stop!! Consider what will happen once your carefully crafted press release drops into your chosen media contacts’ Inbox, and then (hopefully) gets you coverage…where is the very first place that interested journalists, and then their readers – your prospective customers – will go once they read about you in “Widget Times Europe”? Correct – your website.

So, before you send out your press release, you should first pause to consider what your influencers - and through them, your customers - will see once they log on to your website. It will definitely be their first port of call, so make sure it looks and reads the way you want your prospects to view it. Spend some time, and make sure the documentation is up to date. I am not suggesting a complete revamp of your website by the way, just a quick check to ensure your links, contact details, and documentation are all working and correct.

Then, consider what else might happen if a journalist is interested in digging deeper into your story – what will they want, and who will they want to talk to? Always have the relevant background information about your company and your market available to hand, ready for transmission. Having some simple relevant background facts and a picture or illustration to hand has often made the difference in either gaining publication or not, in my experience.

Finally, have a relevant spokesperson lined up. In the case of a major product launch, it may be that there will be a lot of interest – on a product launch I recently worked on, this involved journalists, analysts and company spokespersons all in different time-zones, so know who will be where and when, and assign your ‘points of contact’ accordingly.

Remember, good press announcements are rare occasions for a company, and a great opportunity to get good positive publicity, so it is vital that your first point of contact (your website) looks the part, and that everyone is on message and available as needed. Don’t do all the hard work, only to then see great opportunities slip by because of a time-zone difference or lack of availability.

Simple pre-planning will make your press announcement run as smoothly as possible for you.

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