Good Tool to Measure Your Website Effectiveness.

Here’s a handy tool to give you pause for thought about the effectiveness of your website, and it's free.

Many websites are used simply as brochure-ware, without much more thought given to how they can be used as multi platform two way communications tools, and how this can be achieved.

I came across this tool which though simple, did give me pause for thought. It’s called “Website Grader” and all you have to do is stick in your url and push return.

What you get back is a score, and a report over such issues as performance, mobile, SEO and security. Obviously, it doesn't give all the answers (it is after all, a promotional toool), but it’s still a pretty good and thought provoking way to see how your website and usage measures up, and where you might improve on it.

Anyway, here it is:

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