Use What You Already Have: Content Marketing for Tech Start Ups and SMEs

‘Content Marketing’ is a relatively new term, but for many tech firms the activity has been around for years.

With the explosive growth of the global online marketplace though, and the consequent rise in importance of SEO - the to ‘beneed found’ by search engines - the ability to insinuate ourselves into relevant search engine results has now taken on a critical importance for all companies. Hence the rise of so-called ‘content marketing’. But for technology companies, with their complex products and narrow markets, their clear focus offers even more advantages.

The reason why content marketing is so effective for technology firms – and why it was developed in the first place – is fairly straightforward. Tech marketing collateral was developed to deal with the unique challenges of marketing high tech products, that is: to communicate and educate about highly technical products with complex natures to relatively narrow but savvy vertical markets.

The main reason for using ‘content’ to market technology products has always been straightforward:

  • To educate/inform the market.

The added-value for companies was also significant:

  • Thought leadership;

  • Show industry/tech expertise;

  • Raise brand visibility.

And now with the rise of SEO, to this can be added the not inconsiderable bonus:

  • Improve search listings, through creation of keyword-rich content.

For tech companies, content marketing has been around forever. I have been writing, publishing and publicizing case studies, application notes, white papers, newsletters etc., for years. (Except now, these commonplace tech marketing techniques have segued into the wider world of marketing, under the banner ‘content’).

In my experience, the task of creating ‘compelling content’ can be fairly simple, as the raw content usually exists in some form or other somewhere within the organization anyway, though generally requiring some input into contextualizing, adding introduction and conclusions and possibly some illustrations or photos. But not too much else.

Unsurprisingly, some of this content will also be of interest to editors of trade or vertical press, particularly good case studies, or through guest blogs if they are well written. Editors of influential publications are always interested in at least looking at real life market stories on their beat. With your content, you have the basis for a good pitch - at the very least, and probably much more.*

* Started life as an application note.

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