The importance of local media to start ups and SMEs

So…the market for your hot new technology is overseas, and you have compiled a list of vertical media, websites, blogs etc. Those are the guys to contact, right? No real need to go to the local media, when your market isn’t really in Ireland.

Why is local media coverage important? The answer, as is almost always the case in pr, is story and audience. What story are you telling and who are you telling it to?

I remember a while back, the ceo of a now very successful Irish tech firm explained the difference just ONE article in a well-regarded Irish Sunday newspaper made to his firm when they were starting out. They had been approved to unlock a significant six figure sum of funding from some EU fund or other, once (as is often the case with these things) they themselves could match the funds on offer with investor funds. Obviously he was keen – both because of the money, but also because the prestige and affirmation being accepted by such a fund conferred significant leverage on their technology. (But mostly because of the money).

The difference that one well-placed article, ‘bigging up’ the technology’s potential, plus the expertise and experience of the founders plus a pic made, he said, was that on the Friday they were phoning around looking for sources of funding, while on the following Monday they were fielding calls. They made their half of the fund - five euros at a time – and the rest is history.

Generally, I have always found the technology and business correspondents of national and technology media here in Ireland to be guardedly supportive of local start ups, albeit once the subject matter is newsworthy and the pitch is well prepared. Remember, tech/business writers are answerable to their editors up the line, so don't presume their interest or support, and certainly not coverage. It must be newsworthy. Nevertheless, their 'beat' means they will always be interested to hear of new firms and their technologies.

Meantime, their reach within Ireland is unparalleled, whether to investors, funding bodies, skills pool, employees, and colleagues in the Irish tech sector: pretty much everyone will see it either first hand, or subsequently on social media through 'likes', retweets, etc.

It is also worth saying that the main Irish outlets all trigger Google 'news alerts', so news appearing in these outlets will be pushed out to those searching under your company name, technology etc., etc.

Worth your consideration.

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