The more, the less...

For the most part, press releases, if overused, simply bring diminishing returns, and corresponding diminishing credibility, from the media. The more, the less. On both counts.

With PR, you should always consider your ‘audience’ before clicking ‘Send’, which in this case is your media contact list. Put yourself in the place of a busy journalist - will seeing the sixth press release from the same source in 2/3 months make you rush to your Inbox? Or will you come to regard communications from that source as little better than spam?

For printed media like local or national newspapers, consider: will editors print your ‘news’ in say, their tech section, each week? For a whole month? Or even every other week? Even if you are a 'big' player, this is extremely unlikely. For printed magazines, where the publication cycle is monthly, will they carry news of all 4, or 3, or even 2 of your releases in their news section? What do you think? Seriously? And the same applies to ‘online’ media. The more you send, the less you are likely to see in print or online. The more, the less.

Press releases should be used sparingly New products, important new hires, important industry awards, fundraising, a new customer –good, these are all events that the media – whether local or international and vertical – may find sufficiently interesting to share with their readers at a push. That’s it though. Your new web site, a new office, a bogus ‘award’, your ceo’s opinion on some random issue of the day: not so much.

Remember: journalists do want to hear from you. Just not all the time.

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