Identify your company's PR and media opportunities, and make the most of them. Curzon will work with you to develop a marcom strategy that will reach out to your target audience, and then implement it. 


Curzon offers a full range of marcomm services to identify and communicate with your audience: whether through the media, or directly  depending on what is required.    Curzon will work with you to identify those key milestones that can be leveraged to develop your profile and identify upcoming media opportunities in your important trade media to spread your message and raise your profile.


Make the most of every opportunity.

Press Releases

If used sparingly, judiciously and written well, your press release will help you get the coverage you deserve.  Avoid industry buzz words. Pre-releasing and following up with your key media will add to its chances of publication.  Know when to use a newswire service  and when to stay 'in-house'  Releasing to the right wire service circuits will ensure your news story will travel far and wide.

Need a hand?  Let us know.

Case Studies and Application Notes

Demonstrating to your customers how your technology has helped one of their industry peers, or identifying key solutions and applications through will be of interest not just to prospective end users, but also make a great basis for a journalist.  Add diagrams and pics where available for added interest, and make them available on your website.

Want some help planning and writing your case study?  Mail us.

Editorial Calendars

Many vertical media outlets publish their 'editorial calendar' at the beginning of each year.  In the calendar are details of forthcoming features which may be relevant to your area of expertise.  Surely you should be in it?  Because your competitors may be.

Believe it or not, editors do want to hear from you, and will welcome a precis of your proposed contribution.  Let Curzon help you.




They say a picture paints a thousand words, and in the world of tech pr, never was a truer word spoken.  From product and head and shoulder shots to negotiating through stock shots, to taking your own pictures as a start up to accompany releases, Curzon can help!  A good picture and caption can carry a lot of good news about your company.

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Contributed Articles

Write for your peers.  Write for your customers.
If your story is compelling and your angle fresh, most editors will consider carrying your by-lined article if it's of interest to their readership.  Add to your chances of publication by asking your customers to validate your technology.  Good high resolution pics or diagrams will add to the interest in your articles.  Makes great marketing collateral afterwards too.

Curzon can help!


If you have harvested contacts from your web, trade shows and other activity, a great way to stay in touch is a newsletter.  Quarterly should be frequent enough to have sufficient items of interest to your customers, while also being infrequent enough not to be regarded as spam.

Add photos and diagrams to liven it up.


Its a great way to go directly to your customers.  Email Curzon.


US Liaison

Finding the correct US PR agency who's expertise matches your needs can be the difference between success and failure at a key milestone in your development.

Taking the jump into the US market for the first time can be a daunting prospect, so it is important to line up the right partner stateside.

With our experience of successful launches on both sides of the Atlantic, Curzon can offer the advice you will need.



Web Services & Content

Your website is the first place people will head to to check out your products and services.  For this reason, it is crucial that your website is up to date and reflects well on your company before you send out a press release inviting the world's media, and then your prospective customers to visit it!

Did you know EI offers help to qualifying companies to make their websites export ready?  Curzon can help.