PR 101: What PR is, and what it isn't...


Public Relations (PR) is a strategic communication process which promotes and manages information about your company and its products or services.


Properly used, PR can offer the best return for your marketing spend. For a comparitively low cost, PR offers credibility in the media outlets you want.  PR aims to position your company or products right within the news or features sections of your relevant media.  With PR you are not buying space in a media outlet like say with advertising, so in return for the credibility a company gains by being in the news or features section of your chosen media, you do sacrifice certainty and control.    See our Services page for more.










Public Relations is:


  • Simple – a well placed call and/or press release can earn valuable and credible media coverage

  • Cost-effective – through well targetted media, you can reach key influencers in your industry, and through them, your market

  • Powerful –the right story with the right message in the right media can have a huge impact, attracting visitors to your website and interest from your customer base


Public Relations can:


  • Raise awareness of your company, and your product or service

  • Educate your market

  • Build your image

  • Build mindshare

  • Reinforce and further your reputation.

  • Increase understanding

  • Change behavior

  • Build your credibility

  • Influence opinion leaders

  • Motivate your market to action


Public Relations can't:


While public relations is a very powerful communications tool, it cannot do everything. Things that can't be achieved with PR include:


  • A quick fix or panacea - PR is ongoing, a mid- to long-term process

  • Cover up bad news - PR can help you deal credibly with bad news though

  • Manipulate public opinion

  • "Control" the media or the message through paid placements. 

  • Replace advertising or other marketing communications techniques.


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