Your Tech Becomes Tangible when Reported in the Media.

For tech startups, projecting their new solutions as real life business 'problem-solvers' is a big challenge. Every tech start up comes to the market with its own unique business proposition and new technology approach. But for most, their “product” is an as-yet untested solution in the market, often only part of the way to commercial development, and usually requiring both significant further investment and market validation. So how can they avoid dismissal as “PowerPoint-ware”, or “brochure-ware”, and instead attract investment and/or the interest of customers and partners? A tried and trusted method is to 'project' your solution as market 'reality' through the prism of your trade media.

For C-Levels, Media Coverage Retains Main Purchaser Influence

With sales conferences, trade shows and customer visits and demos put on hold, trade press and e-newsletters continue to push out industry news, so forward thinking tech firms should quickly refocus their marcom effort on press and PR tactics to drive and maintain interest and lead generation for their firms in the hiatus and beyond. It’s worth bearing in mind just how influential media coverage can be in the sales process. Survey after survey confirms that decision makers and purchasers of IT services and products place strong faith in reputable media. According to a survey by Quartz Insights, the global business news site, “business purchase decisions are actually driven by spheres of in

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