Targeting Your Media: Take These 3 Steps For Results in 3 Months

Building a targeted media campaign is a simple process. But it takes time, research and effort. However the time spent at this task – and in revisiting and updating it – can define the success of your 3rd party storytelling effort. Media coverage is for innovators as much as for bigger tech firms, and ambitious tech firms should begin to see the benefits of a targeted media campaign – third party collateral, social media dissemination, a live press page – within 3 months. Remember, even in these days of ‘social’ and ‘inbound’ and endless self-generated content, and all the other one-way marketing communications techniques out there, the media is still very much regarded by purchase decis

Real Media Coverage Can’t be Replicated By Other Techniques

Positioning stories about your tech in the press offers credibility advantages that are so strong that other forms of content marketing seek to mimic it through techniques like ‘brand journalism’, and native advertising. But they can’t replicate the credibility of appearing in a real industry news source. I recently came across an article about a prototype battery whose inventors claimed that its capacity increases over time. The article made clear that the reason this claim was to be treated seriously was because of who was making it – John B. Goodenough, who was co-inventor of the lithium-ion battery and who is ninety six years old, and is still researching and publishing. However, the rea

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