Telling Your Tech Story to the Media One Vertical at a Time

Selling complex technology as a compelling story can be challenging, especially when everyone you are reaching out to isn’t necessarily an engineer. The nuances and implications of your technology can get completely lost if it is told in the wrong way or to the wrong audience. That’s why a technology company’s story is best told in terms of what the technology can do, who it does it for and what makes it different, as well as in terms of what it is. For example, if you are a robotics firm, your story will be best framed by the type of tasks your technology can perform – so for example, a warehouse robotics system is related in terms of its advantages within the logistics industry – ease of

Real News Written By Real Journalists Outscores Other ‘Content’

It appears the era of ‘content’ as the darling of digital marcom is drawing to a close. As Samuel Scott writes in “The Drum” this blanket and non-specific term has dominated marcom for a decade, yet trying to pin down what it means, and its contribution outside of traditional marcom activities like PR, has been highly questionable. For nigh on a decade, practically everything in digital marketing has been geared towards ‘creating compelling content’ and pumping it out onto the web, in the hope of capturing interest and improving SEO and social engagement. “Infographics” piles high on top of “video content” all vying for the attention of people too busy, or not interested enough, to engage.

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