Make Milestones the Spine of Your 2019 PR Plan

As a tech PR, it never ceases to amaze me how many tech firms let their milestones ‘slide’ without ever promoting them for their own benefit. Milestones, by their very definition, don’t come along very often. As a result, the PR effort that supports them – press releases, launches, etc. – don’t come along very often either. This is a wasted opportunity – because it is very rare for the small tech firms I have worked with to have occasion for more than 2/3 press announcements per year. If even that. What are company ‘milestones’? They are the everyday achievements of you company. A product/version announcement, some new funding, a partnership, a new customer, a key new hire or board advis

Be Heard In 2019. Plan Now.

For a lot of tech businesses, PR is undertaken on an event-by-event, ‘let’s put out a press release’ basis, as a tacked-on afterthought. While this approach may occasionally achieve its successes, its effects are limited by being once off and short term - in a week, it’s all over. To fully benefit from PR, it should be seen as a built-in process, supporting company activity and milestones, which builds your company’s story and reputation over time, and is validated by credible and authoritative media outlets. This is how you can really build your company’s reputation, and develop a strong digital footprint that is a real asset to your enterprise. PESO Model The key to good PR is consist

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