Thought Leadership: Handle With Care

Lately, there has been a lot written on the subject of ‘thought leadership’ – as a PR, inbound or content tool, thought leadership is very much in vogue. It’s easy to see why – undertaking a considered thought leadership programme allows a firm to expand on its expertise, and address customer pain points from a knowledgeable, problem-solving, and solution driven point of view. Trade or vertical media offers unrivalled opportunities for ambitious and confident firms and individuals to project and amplify their thought leadership to their target audience. Frequently, editors and publishers are looking for considered and knowledgeable opinions on subjects which concern or challenge their aud

5 Key Inbounds Where Tech PR Excels

Inbound, the marketing practice of attracting customers to products and services through content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and branding, has rightly gained traction for its ability to combine different digital marketing threads into one coherent strategy. Storytelling, knowing your audience, building credibility, utilising SEO and social engagement – old hands will recognise many of these elements as everyday tools in the traditional PR practitioners’ toolbox, albeit repurposed and given new names. And perhaps because they are so tried and tested as PR techniques, we really shouldn’t be surprised to see them continue to perform so well in the newer digita

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