Build an Authentic Digital Footprint in 6 Months

It has been increasingly obvious for the past number of years just how much PR and SEO have merged. A prime way of driving strong SEO for tech firms has always been to use online press coverage, press releases and other PR activities, which would then spread out across the relevant parts of the internet like so many concentric rings in a pool. What is still surprising though is how quickly even a start-up can use some simple and classic PR techniques to build a very authentic digital footprint – often within just 6 months of starting. Issuing press releases is a great way to generate your digital footprint. Choose your subject matter with reasonable care: be ‘authentic’, ie only to issue r

Utilise the Reach and Authority of the Press

Announcing your company news using ‘social’ as your main platform is severely limiting in terms of extending to your widest industry reach. Sure, you will reach friends, colleagues old and new, and possibly some industry acquaintances. But even within this group, metrics like LinkedIn’s ‘views’ and ‘likes’ simply show how limited that engagement is. For example, LinkedIn ‘views’ simply mean that your post was ‘scrolled past’ on someone’s timeline (think of a car passing an advertisement on a bus shelter) while ‘likes’ are mostly given by work colleagues. This is also true of the vast majority of ‘comments’ show – “Congrats”, “Well done, team”, “Great work Jack, well done” etc., - these

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