News is the 'Most Shared' Content for Tech

You have just 8 seconds to get your social audience engaged. Being in the news helps. Because it turns out that ‘news’ is the number 1 reason people share posts on LinkedIn, especially among the tech and healthcare communities. That’s according to a recent study of shares across its own platform by LinkedIn, which it undertook with content analysis firm BuzzSumo. The report, entitled ‘The DNA Behind the World’s Most Successful Content’ found that ‘news and trends-related pieces’ are most likely to be among the most shared posts for both the tech and healthcare communities. And their impact increased when they referenced credible sources of research. Looking at the posts generating the hi

Tech Start Ups' "Most Wanted"

About 10 years ago, a news feature I had worked long and hard at getting into a Sunday newspaper for a local pioneering fintech/regtech firm was suddenly pulled at the very last minute - by the client, as the company in question was at the delicate final stages of being bought over by a big international player. As it so happened, Ciaran Connell - a friend of mine who was in the middle of his seed funding round for Decawave, the (now very successful) fabless semiconductor firm he had founded with Michael McLaughlin - was at my house for dinner the very evening it was pulled, so over dinner, we were able to quickly pull together a good pitch for a news feature about his new company and their

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