The Startup Dilemma

“To be or not to be,” that apparently is the question facing Ireland’s entrepreneurs, up to 40% of whom believe that established companies shy away from doing business with startups. This is according to the findings of the recent NDRC Report “The Start Up Psyche” which was published in April 2018. For those of us who work with tech start-ups, this comes as no surprise at all. Over the years, I have been asked to gloss over their startup status by several of the firms I have worked for, with some even preferring not to announce significant 7 figure fundraising milestones for fear that they might appear too, well, ‘start up’. I have even been invited to work on-site while investors or cus

Bridging the ‘Inbound’ Gap.

Getting your content published in the media has some big advantages: it improves your SEO ratings and your Google News Alert hits, as well as giving a - not inconsiderable - boost to your credibility and 'industry thought leadership' status. For - despite all the effort and resources expended in developing ‘personas’ and walking your prospects through the funnel by creating compelling content for each step of the way, and all the social media posting in the world - that gap between your prospective customer and your fantastic content still needs to be bridged. Inbound marketing works by leading customers down the sales funnel by increasing their engagement with the brand. Inbound marketing

Tech Customers Trust Vertical Media.

There are good reasons why purchasers of business software identify the media as their most trusted third party source of information while researching products. When purchasers of business software were asked last year by Inbound specialists HubSpot what sources of information they relied on when making a purchase decision for business software, 39% of them named ‘the media’ making it the most popular source of third party information, coming in third after after word of mouth and customer referrals, and as the highest third party source of information. This rose to 44% among C-level executives (CEO, CMO). Vertical media deal specifically with the issues and products in a particular busine

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