Tech CEOs: PR Gold.

Often when I am in talking with a prospective client, I see their eyes widen when I explain that the goal is to convert their everyday – commonplace – company milestones into compelling and bona fide PR content. But it’s true. That’s how it works. When you look at your competitors in your favourite trade magazine, looking down at you from their opinion piece, or grinning back at you with the latest version of their average gizmo, consider: what is the difference between their opinions, or their company milestones, and yours - which are going unnoticed by the press? And the answer is: probably nothing. They just make more of their PR assets than you do with yours. And chief among those a

PR: Contacts or Content?

Occasionally, as a tech PR guy, I am asked to ‘use my contacts’ to get some once off story or other into the media. There is a perception out there that PR guys can get anything they want into the media, and I know that some members of my profession like to perpetuate that view. Well, here’s one PR guy that doesn’t make that promise, and would advise giving a wide berth to anyone who does. There are a couple of reasons for this. Generally, I am not great on ‘stand-alone’ stories to begin with. For PR programmes to be any way effective, they need to be an ongoing narrative which establishes a company and its products within its own industry context or framework. No ‘once off’ story can

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