The half-life of an online press release is 10,000 years*.

The other day while researching an article for a client, it struck me just how long it is that older content still features in search engine results. Searching online for a measurement of ‘internet years’ for example, I entered it as a search term into a well-known search engine, and lo and behold, I got a result offering 1 : 4.7 – but this measurement came from an article written in 2009, and which was still ranked second in the results listing. Worth remembering when you are thinking of undertaking a PR campaign. The stuff you write now and claim for your product or company in 2016, and how you present yourself and your narrative might very well still be popping up in search results in

Think PR To Get PR

You know that sinking feeling – you open up an influential trade mag, and there it is: the big feature story with your nearest competitor smiling back at you from all the photos, proudly showcasing their latest gizmo while standing right in front of a 6-foot high version of their company logo. Maaan. How come them, and not you? When you see your cheery competitor showboating in your favourite mag, it is worth considering that they are unlikely to have gotten there by chance. Behind every story, someone somewhere has usually put in a hard shift of pitching, prepping and scheduling. It is very rare for an editor to simply pick a name out of the directory or from their chosen search engine,

4 Tech PR things for August

July/August is generally a quiet time marcom-wise for tech firms. People are on vacation, many trade mags roll their monthly issues together, and there is very little trade show activity. Plenty of time then, to consider your marcom activity for the forthcoming quarter. Here are 4 things you can usefully do: Send Out A Newsletter With so little other activity around, July and August are good months to reach out directly to your target market, and a great way to do this is with a newsletter. Five or six articles recapping important company news from the last few months and previewing forthcoming events – trade shows, new developments etc. Pictures and illustrations will help lift the tex

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