Going to a Show? Do these 3 things.

Trade shows are a great way of getting out there and meeting your potential clients face to face, in an environment where everyone’s business is to be engaged. The whole of your industry is gathered right there, and they are all open to hearing new ideas. That’s why it surprises me how many Irish firms don’t take better advantage of the press office and other facilities these shows offer. Most shows have great media resources which are open to all exhibitors – including you – and offer great opportunities for start up to get their name out there. Sure, we have all read about start-ups going to SXSW in a camper van wearing Yam costumes – but most trade shows are somewhat more staid than

Tech's pre-ordained PR audience. (And how to make the most of it).

One of the great benefits of technology marcom and PR is the extent that your target media audience is pre-defined. The reason for this is simple: technology is generally developed to resolve particular issues within specific vertical markets. This is different to say books, or chocolate, where the audience is pretty much everyone. When you think about it, this is quite an advantage as there is an entire market infrastructure already in place to guide you to your user – there are writers who know your area, magazines and websites and blogs that cover it, and trade shows where you can go and pitch directly to your customers – the route to your market is laid out for you to use. When I am w

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