Always Preach to the Converted

A lot of PR is about finding the right people to talk to. This is definitely true for the tech PR sector where I operate, where most technology is created with a fairly specific vertical market in mind. PR people like me are all for ‘verticals’, because most are served by a dedicated media sector, and that makes addressing our clients’ audience with product related news all the more straightforward. Certainly, framing messages, pushing USPs and all that good stuff, etc., has to be done too, but at least we are favoured with having a media platform that faces directly at our clients’ market. Simply put, it means that your marcom effort can be focussed at a qualified audience, and can deal w

PR No Brainer: Build Your Own In-House Media List

As a tech pr, it always surprises me how very few Irish companies, including start-ups and larger SMEs, have built their own in-house media list. This list is made up of a select group of journalists and writers with a specific interest in your industry and/or firm who will receive all your media releases as a matter of course. Every start up and SME tech company should have such a list, and should keep it current. Most technology companies are specific about the vertical they operate in, and most ceos inform themselves through their own favourite industry journalists, blogs etc. In Ireland, there are also a fairly limited number of media outlets and journalists who cover the tech busines

Are You Press Release Ready?

So, you have your big announcement coming up – a new customer win perhaps, a new round of funding maybe, or a big new product launch. Let’s get it out there! Stop!! Consider what will happen once your carefully crafted press release drops into your chosen media contacts’ Inbox, and then (hopefully) gets you coverage…where is the very first place that interested journalists, and then their readers – your prospective customers – will go once they read about you in “Widget Times Europe”? Correct – your website. So, before you send out your press release, you should first pause to consider what your influencers - and through them, your customers - will see once they log on to your website.

Build a PR audience: get them to register.

As a tech start-up, it is always going to be hard to get noticed in your market, and still harder to gain and maintain momentum and traction. Yet by following a simple and consistent path in a number of areas, it is possible to build and maintain a qualified audience to bring you through to the next level of your development, sometimes even before you have launched your first product. Normally I try to build traction through developing a program across a range of communications activities, and through them, feeding and building a subscribers list of interested parties using access to collateral – including product specs, newsletters, use cases, white papers, application notes, presentations

How to write PR. By Aristotle.

Just in case you thought marcom, and all its new fangled derivatives - inbound, content etc., etc., - are 'disruptive' (sorry!), a quick glance at Aristotle's 2500 year old work 'Rhetoric' will bring you back down to earth. Here, he focuses on: the importance of credibility, consideration of your audience when forming your message, and the importance of third party collateral (!!!). “Of the modes of persuasion furnished by the spoken word there are three kinds. The first kind depends on the personal character of the speaker; the second on putting the audience into a certain frame of mind; the third on the proof, or apparent proof, provided by the words of the speech itself. Persuasion is ach

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